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We’ve built some amazing relationships as a result of Voray and the measurable direct return on each one is more than 50x the investment.

—Chris Camillo, CEO TickerTags

Why partner with Voray?

Voray helps you expand your reach and augment your impact with high-end boutique networking events designed for you. Attendees at your event are guaranteed to be highly relevant to your business so you can focus on conversation and conversion. It's a smarter approach to business development and targeted lead generation.


Average ROI

Partners forge long-term connections and business relationships at our events, enjoying a substantial return for every Voray they sponsor.

6-12 months

Business development effort

Voray's unique approach of curated, white glove gatherings rewards partners with unparalleled business development value in just one night.


Potential guests

Voray's extensive network of qualified guests help us ensure we have the right reach to invite the most relevant people to your event.


Chris camillo We've built some amazing relationships as a result of Voray and so far the measurable direct return on each one is no less than 50x the investment. The indirect return is immeasurable and endless given the new, authentic relationships we have made so far. Voray is an absolute no-brainer for any company with a high LTV supported by meaningful business development.

—Chris Camillo, CEO TickerTags

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Cutting through the noise of choosing the right channel for your company's event marketing or lead generation efforts is challenging. At Voray, we offer high-quality leads for better conversion rates yielding a higher ROI.

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