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If you like reaching target accounts and like networking with senior executives of those accounts...—Voray will crush it.

Kevin O'Malley

VP of Marketing at Salesloft

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We believe human connection is the most effective way to propel your business forward. Voray helps you connect with the right people in an energized setting.

Just a few hours. An intimate group of thoughtful professionals, each thoughtfully selected for you from Voray's extensive network of qualified guests, and a setting finely calibrated for good conversation. That's the Voray formula for fast-tracking you past the outreach and small talk, and right into the good stuff.


Time savings on planning and management


Potential connections for your business

6-12 months

Saved in business development effort

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Sponsoring a Voray

Voray sparks and cultivates meaningful relationships that support your growth. As a Voray sponsor, you power a Voray event designed to bring together the best and brightest professionals you're looking to reach.

Gather around the table with a highly curated group. We'll handle the logistics to make it happen.

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If you like reaching target accounts and like networking with senior executives of those accounts with very little effort or distraction from your existing staff efforts—Voray will crush it. Even if you had the staff to source and host a dinner on your own, since it's done through a 3rd party, I find that these executives drop their guards and open up about the challenges that are facing their business. The team is amazing to work with and very accommodating.

Kevin O'Malley

VP of Marketing at Salesloft

Voray has become an integral part of how I cultivate meaningful relationships with new leaders in my industry. The platform has opened up access to influential deal makers that are at the forefront of new ideas, driving new opportunities for my firm.

Maggie S. Coleman

Managing Director, Capital Markets at JLL

Voray has successfully made networking a comfortable experience by putting mutually-interested people in a room where the atmosphere is both friendly and inviting. Great food, good people, and logistical simplicity revolutionize the awkward traditional networking experience into time that is truly well spent.

Christopher B. Moore

Managing Partner, Chief Investment Officer at Massey Quick Simon

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